What are the environmental requirements for preservation of medical gauze pieces?


Medical Gauze pieces not only are used in the hospital, many friends will always have some medical gauze pieces at home in case of dangerous. But many friends are not very clear on the use of medical gauze pieces. Next, Let me introduced it.

1. Medical Gauze pads also have expiration dates. When you use it, please check the packaging whether sealed, production date, valid date. The expired products are absolutely not to use.

2. The production process of medical gauze pieces is very strict from material selection to processing to packaging. But there are many manufacturers producing   gauze block. So product quality is uneven. When we choose gauze block, we need accordance with product description and matters needing.

3. Medical gauze pieces belong to disposable medical supplies. So it cannot be used repeated because it is not dirty.

At the same time, medical gauze pieces should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment away from inflammable and explosive materials to avoid explosion and fire. Above all, it is the notice that medical gauze piece uses. I hope these small details can cause your attention. Our factory produce high quality medical gauze block. Our products are tested strictly. Welcome to contact us.

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