Brief introduction of medical protective mask


Medical Protective Mask (also known as N95, KN95 mask)

The medical protective mask is suitable for the protection of air-borne respiratory infectious diseases by medical personnel and related workers. It is a kind of close-fitting self-suction filtering medical protective article with high protection levels, especially suitable for patients who are in contact with air-borne or near-field-borne respiratory tract infection diseases during diagnostic and therapeutic activities. The utility model can filter the particles in the air, block the droplets of flying foam, blood, body fluid, secretion and so on, and belongs to a disposable product. Medical protective masks can prevent most pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. WHO recommends that medical staff use particle-resistant masks to prevent virus infection.

The medical respirator conforms to GB19083-2003"technical requirements for medical respirator" . The important technical indexes include filtration efficiency of non-oil particles and air flow resistance. Specific indicators are as follows:

1.Filtration Efficiency: under the condition of air flow rate (85±2) L/min, the filtration efficiency of sodium chloride aerosol with median diameter (0.24±0.06) μm of aerodynamics is not less than , which is in accordance with N95(or FFP2) and above. It can block the infection factor of diameter <5μm or close contact with the infection factor of droplet spread.

2. Suction Resistance: Under the above flow rate, the suction resistance does not exceed 343.2 Pa(35 mmH2O) .

3. Technical parameters such as penetration should not appear on the inner side of the mask when the mask is sprayed at 10.9 Kpa(80 mmHg) pressure.

4. The mask should be fitted with a nose clip made of a flexible plastic material of length>8.5 cm.

5. Synthetic blood is sprayed onto the mask sample at a pressure of 10.7 kPa(80 mmHg) . No penetration should occur on the inside of the mask.

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