Disposable Surgical Face Mask for Children

Disposable Medical Children's mask is a disposable mask designed and made for children...
Disposable Surgical Face Mask for Children
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The disposable medical mask for children is a disposable mask designed and made for children.

The disposable mask is made of 28g non-woven fabric with more than three layers. The nose is made of environmental-friendly plastic strip without metal. And it is breathable comfortable, especially suitable for electronic factory and daily life. Disposable face masks (surgical masks) can prevent respiratory tract infection to some extent, but not haze. When buying, we should pay attention to the outer packaging clearly marked "medical surgical mask".

Material Characteristics

Everything has its two sides. As a disposable mask, which has its advantages but also its disadvantages:


Advantages: Good Ventilation, filtering poisonous gas, keep warming, absorbing water, waterproof, flexibility, not messy, quite soft compared with other masks, lighter in texture, flexible. It can be reduced after drawing. Also the mask is suitable for mass production because of its low price


Compared with other cloth masks, disposable masks cannot be cleaned. They are easier to tear because their fibers are arranged in a certain direction. Compared with other textile masks, the strength and durability of disposable masks are worse than other masks.