What's the difference between a medical bandage and a medical gauze


Speaking of dressings and wound care products, I think everyone, like me, will think of medical bandages and gauze. In fact, both of them are actually commonly used medical items in clinical medicine. They can mainly play an important role in wound care, so what's the difference between the two?

The difference between medical bandages and gauze:

Difference One:

Medical bandages are mainly divided into gauze bandage and elastic bandage.

The medical gauze mainly refers to the degreasing gauze.

Difference Two

Medical Bandage is mainly used for dressing wounds and fixing wounds.

Medical Gauze is mainly used for dressing wounds.

Difference Three

Medical Bandage is used for dressing and fixing the wound after dressing in hospital and family. Using for surgery, orthopedics, lower limb varicose veins to prevent swelling of the blood circulation generated by limb fractures and limb fractures after the plaster removal of the swelling.

Medical Gauze is mainly used in hospital, the clinic of surgery and family health care, such as one-time blood-sucking and dressing.

Difference Four

Medical bandages are generally sold in the form of non-sterile medical products. When purchasing medical bandages, it is important to pay attention to whether the products are intact especially the appearance, to ensure that they are white and without broken silk.

Medical Gauze is sold mainly by means of sterilization and asepsis. The former can be used only after sterilization when opening. And the latter can be used immediately after opening. It can be directly used for wound dressing. In the purchase of medical gauze, we should pay attention to gauze whiteness should not be less than 80 degrees.

The above content is about the medical bandage and medical gauze description. In the choice of two products, we should pay attention to the product description and packaging. Generally speaking packaging will be written on the use of the relevant precautions, available for users to choose.

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