What problems should be paid attention to in the production of medical gauze pieces?


Medical gauze pad is a kind of medical product used for wound treatment, and plays an important role in wound protection. Also medical gauze block needs high quality material and it is more convenient to use. Also in the process of production, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

In the process of making medical gauze pieces, it is very important to "alkali boil" in order to remove the size, grease and wax in the grey gauze pieces, which directly affects the quality of medical gauze pieces. But in this section of the pollutants generated more, we need pay more attention in the work.

In order to reduce the amount of pollutants in the production of medical gauze pieces, a series of processes such as steaming, water washing and bleaching are often carried out gauze pieces produced afterdewaxing and desizing the size of the high-temperature vat. It is often the former process of contaminants brought to the latter section. In order to meet the requirements of the sanitary standard gauze, it uses more water for cleaning.

In addition, the medical gauze block is tested and tested before leaving the factory. It is soft, strong in water absorption, weft density, white and tasteless. After selecting the qualified and suitable gauze, the gauze is bleached by oxychloride (degreasing) , and then the gauze is cut into the medical gauze pieces according to the required specifications by mechanical slitting.

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