How long can disposable masks be worn and can disposable masks be reused?


When people choose to wear masks, they not only need good air permeability, but also need to be able to isolate dust and at the same time be easy to clean. So many people choose to buy disposable masks, that is disposable masks are disposable, if you need to change your face mask after wearing it. How long does a disposable mask last?

This time to use the time and the degree of contamination of the mask, mainly depends on the individual, used mask, we should pay attention to wear and Save, if the inner side is contaminated cannot be used again, general wear to feel breathing difficulties should be changed, it's only good for four hours; it's only good for four hours, so if you carry it long, you'll get a lot of bacteria.

Can disposable masks be reused?

Disposable masks should not be reused.

If used for a long time, the filter effect will decrease and the suction resistance will increase because the large particles are blocked on the mask surface or the ultra-fine particles are blocked in the gap of the mask filter material, the outer layer of the mask often accumulates a lot of dust, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants in the outside air. It is easy to mix up the front and back, putting the outer layer of dust and bacteria into the human body, endangering health.

From the above article, we can see that disposable masks need to change after a period of time. According to the prevailing standards, disposable masks can use 4 to 6 hours. But the specific time will change because of the use of the environment. But we need to know no matter how long, disposable masks cannot be reused.

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