How to distinguish the quality of medical gauze piece when buying?


Medical gauze is a common medical product, whether in hospitals, clinics or daily life. However, it should be noted that not all medical gauze pieces are qualified. As medical gauze pieces are often used to bind wounds, so in the purchase must be good quality checkpoint.

As medical supplies, even small gauze pieces need meet very high requirements. Some gauze pieces feel very soft, but the density of gauze does not meet the requirements. Also the color is also bleached out by fluorescent powder. Some of them haven't even been sanitized which a piece of gauze we cannot use in the wound. It is cannot play the nursing function, even can cause the wound the serious infection.

So how should we pay attention to it? Good medical gauze block is combined by a high-density cotton non-woven absorbent paper and double-sided bonding firm. It is not only can be used for wound dressing, but also can be used for baby's saliva towels, cotton pads and other make-up. And the effect is good.

If the use of medical gauze pieces found in the hair phenomenon, this is usually not qualified. In order to ensure the quality of medical gauze pieces, you should choose a regular business to buy. Our factory produces high quality medical gauze block. Welcome to contact us.

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