Gauze Sponge

Gauze is a medical textile..
Gauze Sponge

Gauze is a medical textile. 

(1) Traditional Gauze: plain weave of medium and Coarse Tex cotton yarn. The organization is sparse. After scouring and degreasing, it has good moisture absorption and moisture dissipation properties. The product is strictly disinfected by high temperature and high pressure. It is suitable for medical dressing, covering and other basic materials. Elastic Bandage Gauze is made of one-left and one-right twist cotton ply yarn or spandex cotton core-spun yarn as warp yarn, single thick and special yarn as Weft Yarn, woven plain (or knitted warp) , and its warp stretch rate can reach 50% , bandaging wound has the function of removing blood stasis and dispersing blood.

(2) Wound Gauze (or non-stick Gauze): cellulose pulp added with acetic anhydride, in a small amount of sulfuric acid esterification, spinning cellulose acetate fiber. It is white, soft, fluffy, non-toxic, tasteless, and does not irritate the skin. The Moisture Regain (at 20 °C and 65% relative humidity) is 6% ~ 7% . It can be woven into gauze and bandage, helps the wound heal faster.

(3) Non-woven Gauze: the Medical Gauze Blank is made by the method of cotton net and spunlace consolidation. It is bleached and disinfected.

(4) Composite non-woven Gauze: cotton and synthetic fabric as laminating. The web hole of synthetic fiber is 0.1 ~ 3mm in diameter, which forms ripple during hot rolling to increase its longitudinal elasticity. With the development of textile technology, there are more and more kinds of new special gauze.